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We were commercial growers first.

Ridgetop was originally founded in 2011. We actually started off as commercial growers. We developed our very own LED horticulture grow lights because there was clearly a lack of contemporary lighting systems in the market to allow us to achieve the efficiency, efficacy, yield and energy savings we were looking for. We believe, above everything else, that effective lighting is the secret ingredient to effective growth.

We are expanding
the potential for
growth with tech.

Once we introduced our revolutionary LED grow lights into the market, Ridgetop quickly expanded its product line-up for growers by introducing industrial and decorative lighting solutions. Next, we developed our precision ag system, which combines our lighting solutions, IoT/AI platform and extensive services to become THE turnkey solution provider and one-stop-shop for our growers to achieve yields and profitability they never could imagine before.

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Ridgetop has grown to include experts in horticulture lighting, LED lighting systems and IoT/AI solutions. With multiple technology patents, we’re redefining precision farming.
Stéphane Toupin

Stéphane Toupin

Co-founder and President
Steve Scannell

Steve Scannell

Co-founder and President of US operations
David Nowak

David Nowak

Co-founder and CTO