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Our solutions

Engineered for the way you grow.

Ridgetop’s integrated solutions play an integral part in your crop management plan. By using the latest technologies in LED lighting, IoT and AI, growers can significantly improve yields and efficiency—while reducing operational expenditures, year after year.

Explore game-changing LED lights for growers.

Ridgetop has an extensive range of LED horticulture grow lights, industrial lights and decorative lights that enable growers to achieve the yield and energy savings to boost their bottom lines. Our lighting solutions can withstand any rugged growing environment.

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Gain better insight into your production with our IoT/AI platform

Our IoT/AI platform consists of an ecosystem of sensors, cameras and drones that capture data from your greenhouses or outdoor crops to feed our AI software. In turn, the software allows you to monitor and gain deep knowledge into a wide variety of variables that are impacting the state of your production. You can make better decisions—faster—in order to improve your yield, protect your crop, optimize resources and slash profit-gouging costs.

Access end-to-end services for growers.

Contrary to other mass manufacturers, with multiple system integrators and distributors that growers have to manage, Ridgetop is your go-to source for all of your precision farming and lighting needs. You benefit from direct access to experts who understand growing, data and tech.