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IoT/AI platform

Enter a new era of growing.

Ridgetop’s IoT/AI platform is all about uncovering the data you need to overcome, predict and prevent any challenge in your greenhouses and fields. With our precision farming cycle management solutions, which can be seamlessly integrated for any type of production, you can safeguard crops, increase the quality and yield of your harvests, streamline your workload, and reduce operational costs.

Capturing the data.

Using sensors, cameras and drones, Ridgetop IoT/AI platform continuously aggregates hundreds of data points on the ground and sends them to the cloud. Growers can monitor in real time changing weather conditions, temperature, water usage, soil conditions, and many other variables to gain better control of their production at any given moment.

the data.

Thanks to Ridgetop’s easy-to-use SaaS software, available on a computer or any device, growers can immediately access the data they need to make well-informed decisions. Alarms can be pre-configured to trigger messages to staff or initiate automated controls so that crops always benefit from optimized growing conditions.

the data.

Ridgetop’s platform uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to help growers quickly gain insights into their production, such as identifying stressors or anomalies in crops. Ridgetop data experts are also available to dive into the data even deeper to get to the bottom of any growing challenge.

Getting more
out of the data.

Ridgetop’s IoT/AI platform features machine learning and predictive analytics functionalities. By extensively mining their data, growers can substantially improve their crop management plans—and ensure a sustainable future.