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Let us help you grow better.

We believe that we offer more than “just” lighting and technology solutions. We partner with our grower customers to become as intimately aware of their crops as they are. The reason? The more knowledge we have, the better we can help our customers.

Simulation services.

All of our projects start with a discussion about how you work, your intentions, your lighting needs, and both the growing and business challenges you face. We “peel the onion”, so to speak, to get a crystal-clear picture of the task at hand. Then, we put together a simulated layout of where all the lighting, plants, racks and tables should be based on your unique production and goals.

Grow Room

Every commercial grower is different. Every production is different. That’s why Ridgetop consults with growers to customize their lighting system setups as well as create customized Grow Room Recipes to strike the perfect balance between grow light levels, water, nutrients, humidity and CO2.


Ridgetop team assists in organizing the installation of its solutions, whether you are starting off with our LED lighting solutions or deploying the entire precision ag system.
Tool-less Mounting in Vertical Rack Systems
We offer custom brackets that enable tool-less integration with most vertical rack manufacturers.

Data analysis

Ridgetop has data experts that can help you weed through the data generated by our IoT/AI platform. Rely on our team to extract the knowledge you need for better decision-making.

Financing Option - Lighting as a Service (LaaS).

Imagine paying just a monthly fee to use Ridgetop’s LED grow lights—no debt, loan or capital on the books. Contact us today to learn more about how you can take advantage of this unique service.


Ridgetop offers growers its exclusive no-risk Crop Insurance Program to protect against crop spoilage due to equipment breakdown, damage or theft. Talk to our team today to get all the details.