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Light: a grower’s best asset.

When it comes to growing, the extent in which you master your lighting can make a huge difference between turning a profit and breaking the bank. Ridgetop is committed to providing all the lighting solutions you need to grow, work and thrive in today’s economy.

LED lights: at the core
of your operations.

Contrary to grow lights based on legacy technologies, Rigetop’s LED lights offer performance levels that are only matched by their tremendous cost savings across the board. LED is the future of growing. Are you in?

Using data to pivot your business for growth.

With agricultural and horticultural demand surging across the globe, it will be critical for growers to harness data to gain unprecedented visibility into their operations, manage key resources and boost productivity. With IoT and artificial intelligence, growers can better know when, where and how to plant—all down to a granular level. Data-driven growing can generate thousands of dollars in cost savings and even help businesses seize new business opportunities.

Count on real

In an era of commoditization, Ridgetop bucks the trend. We shun the “supplier-only” mindset. We foster close proximity to our customers in order to truly understand their growing reality. By working together, season after season, we will bring your business exactly where it needs to be. Ridgetop is in it for the long run. With you.