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We’re re-writing the rules of Precision Agriculture.

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LED horticulture lights: Your first step towards profitability.

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Leverage the power of IoT and AI to grow smarter.

It’s time to up your growing game with precision AG. We’ll help you level the score.

Lighting solutions

Let’s cause a seismic shift in your lighting.

Discover our complete line-up of LED lights to maximize your yield and reduce operational costs.


We’re dedicated to your growth.

Ridgetop is not just a lighting and technology supplier. We work with you to increase your overall, long-term profitability. We’re in this together.
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IoT/Ai platform

Modern growers deserve modern precision farming technologies.

Our advanced IoT/AI platform allows you to capture, monitor and make sense out of critical data that can help you unlock your crops’ full potential.

Light speed ahead.

We’re on a mission to provide growers with a science-based, 360-degree approach to improve their crop productions. Our approach is a pragmatic, scalable and deployable solution today.

Developed by growers for growers.

What makes us different? We actually started off as commercial growers. We developed our own solutions, starting with LED horticulture grow lights. We’re at it again by developing integrated, data-driven solutions.